Olisbeth Mason Chronicles

Character Biography: Phoebe Thomas

Name: Phoebe Danielle Thomas

D.O.B.: December 24, 1980 Houston, Texas (5 minutes before Arthur
Hair: Gold.
Eyes: Caramel
Height/Weight: 5 ft 10.; 8 octillion lbs (all ego).

Parents: Vanessa and Michael Thomas

Likes: Girls. Athletics. Music (all kinds). Art. Harassing her brother. OrangeePop, Marissa.

Dislikes: Nighttime. Being bored. Not being the center of attention. Generic OrangeePop. “Those church-going Wackjobs.” Other people picking on her brother. Dudes and male parts in general.

Known Aliases: Phoebe, Pheebs, Phoebus, Phoebe Apollo, Apollo, Lord Hunter: Norman Invasion of England, Lucius (d. 304 CE) Saint Sebastian (d. 288 CE), Killer of Artemis and self, (c. Early Roman Empire)- one who held the prophecy. Unnamed brother of Dina (c. 1780 England), Unnamed Negro League player, (committed suicide c. 1930).

Phoebe is a woman of many talents and interests: Music, movies, video games and more.  She’s taller than her brother, 5 ft 11 and has short spiked blonde hair. She believes that one must make a strong first impression, and stronger first impressions need to be made to people with stronger personalities. She’s friendly, artistic, jovial, and relishes being the center of attention. She has the annoying habit of making up middle names for people when she wants to prove a point.She is studying medicine and wants to be an OB-GYN.

If Phoebe thinks she is the center of the Universe, it is with good reason….

Despite all the bravado, deep down, Phoebe loves her brother (and Olisbeth) and would hate to see anything bad happen to either of them.

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