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My Lost Arthur- Blurb

Read the new, exciting (Tentative) Blurb for My Lost Arthur, the upcoming sequel to My Lady Olives. coming-soon

In this sequel to My Lady Olives, the newly-engaged Olisbeth Mason (Athena) and Arthur Thomas (Artemis) have relocated to Athens, Greece to study, recconect with the divine, and to spend some quality time away from their friends and family in the US.

But their engagement is not the only change that’s brewing for Athena and Artemis, because for the first time, ever, Athena is pregnant. Gods and mortals alike around the couple meet the news with mixed emotions.

The only true naysayer is Arthur’s twin sister Phoebe, who senses a dark future if Arthur is not present for the birth. This is a deeper tragedy, for fallen gods no longer return to Olympus to claim their thrones. Gods dying in the mortal realm are no longer returning.

Darker forces are at work, however. When the gods throw Arthur a bachelor party out in the MMediterranean Sea, the ship goes missing. Arthur, Hermes, and the entire party are captured by the witch Circe. The legendary sorceress has a long-standing grudge with the Olympians, and has no intention of ever seeing her new prizes escape her clutches.

Arthur’s life depends on Athena and Apollo coming to the rescue: circumventing eons of spells, curses, and divine oaths to find and rescue him before it is too late. The fate of the Olympus,  the Doom of the earlier Prophecy, is at hand.

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