Olisbeth Mason Chronicles

Character Biography: Miles Herman

Name: Miles Edward Herman
D.O.B.: April 1, 1933, London, England, though he looks like he’s 24.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height/Weight: 5 ft 11; very thin.
Parents: You wouldn’t know them.

Likes: Christmas. Driving. Annoying Arthur, borrowing money, Athena, Women, Men, playing games, protecting kids, pirates.

Dislikes: Honest cops, Hera, bullies, Red Lights, Dogs.

Known Aliases: Hermes, Saint Nicholas, other identities unknown.

The enigmatic ginger known as Miles Herman spends a lot of timeĀ  popping in and out of Olisbeth’s life.

Learn more about Miles in his Blog and in book two, My Lost Arthur!

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