Olisbeth Mason Chronicles

My Lost Arthur- Blurb

My Lost Arthur- Blurb

Read the new, exciting (Tentative) Blurb for My Lost Arthur, the upcoming sequel to My Lady Olives.  In this sequel to My Lady Olives, the newly-engaged Olisbeth Mason (Athena) and Arthur Thomas (Artemis) have relocated to Athens, Greece to study, recconect with the divine, and to spend some quality time away from their friends and […]

Holiday Thoughts from Arthur

Hi there, Arthur Thomas. It’s Christmas time, which means my birthday is coming up (Christmas Eve!), and as always happens to us, I’m getting reflective in my old age. Oldish, anyway. Actually, you would be surprised how many divinities have Holiday birthdays. Horus, Sol, Dionysus, Apollo, Mithra, the list is endless. Sun deities are often born […]

Hermes: Life as Santa Claus

Hello! Miles Herman, Here. With the holidays coming up soon, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about how the experiences I have, being who I am, during the holiday season. And By who I am, I mean Father Christmas. I love, I seriously love Yule. And that love starts with the day Americans […]

Mystery Character Portrait

        It’s Thanksgiving Season, a time for family and the beginning of the holidays. So, as an extra-sweet Thanksgiving treat for my fans, I’m going to reveal a portrait of a new character from My Lost Arthur.  Meet… Ryan!   Ryan is a character I enjoyed getting to know while writing My Lost Arthur […]

My Lost Arthur Prologue

I was twelve years old when my mother, father, sister, and I, along with my grandparents, spent an entire summer in Greece so Mom could immerse her children in “our family culture” and see some of the sights of our grandmother’s homeland. This was not the vacation that pubescent Phoebe and I dreamed of, quite [...]

Character Biography: Marissa Zeuner

Name: Marissa Zeuner D.O.B.: October, 1067 CE Hair: Red Eyes: Brown Height/Weight: 5 ft 5 136 lbs Parents: Maur of Normandy (aka Coach Harry Zeuner) and his unnamed Anglo mistress. Likes: Apollo. War, battle, fighting, pleasing her father. Dislikes: Athena. Known Aliases: Cwenhild of Maur, Ruby Rae (1920s-30s), Lieutenant Gwendolyn Martin, USMC Chaplin's Assistant (1970s), [...]

Character Biography: The First Sergea...

Name: 1SG (RET) Paul Owen Mason D.O.B.: September 18, 1957 Chicago, Illinois Hair: Salt-and-pepper Eyes: Steel-Grey Height/Weight: 5 ft 11, 185 lbs. Parents: Wayne and Bessie Mason  (both deceased) Likes: Order. Paperwork. Scotch. His daughter. America. The Republican Party. The military. His late wife Helen. Dislikes: Hippies and Liberals. 'That freak my girl is dating.' [...]

Character Biography: Miles Herman

Name: Miles Edward Herman D.O.B.: April 1, 1933, London, England, though he looks like he's 24. Hair: Red Eyes: Green Height/Weight: 5 ft 11; very thin. Parents: You wouldn't know them. Likes: Christmas. Driving. Annoying Arthur, borrowing money, Athena, Women, Men, playing games, protecting kids, pirates. Dislikes: Honest cops, Hera, bullies, Red Lights, Dogs. Known [...]

Character Biography: Phoebe Thomas

Name: Phoebe Danielle Thomas D.O.B.: December 24, 1980 Houston, Texas (5 minutes before Arthur Hair: Gold. Eyes: Caramel Height/Weight: 5 ft 10.; 8 octillion lbs (all ego). Parents: Vanessa and Michael Thomas Likes: Girls. Athletics. Music (all kinds). Art. Harassing her brother. OrangeePop, Marissa. Dislikes: Nighttime. Being bored. Not being the center of attention. Generic [...]

Character Biography: Arthur Thomas

Name: Michael Arthur Thomas, Jr. D.O.B.: December 24, 1980 Houston, Texas Hair: Silver and Black (shifts between the two) Eyes: Sky-blue Height/Weight: 5 ft 9; 160 lbs (muscle, due to athletic build) Parents: Vanessa and Michael Thomas Likes: Girls. Hunting. His SUV His fraternity. Tattoos. Girls. Goth Music. Animals. Bacon. Shiner Bock and Blue Moon. [...]