Olisbeth Mason Chronicles

Character Biography: Olisbeth Mason

Name: Olisbeth Dawn Mason

D.O.B.: July 21, 1985, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height/Weight: 5 ft 4; 140 lbs.

Parents: First Sergeant Paul and Helen Mason

Likes: Olives, reading, philosophy, cleanliness, organization, perfection.

Dislikes: Rudeness, Professor Lumen, headaches, medical professionals, people invading her personal space, messy rooms, chocolate.

Known Aliases: Athena, St. Lucy, Lady Hereswith of Reynaud (Norman invasion of England), Unknown incarnation, Warrior daughter of a Roman Emperor. Killed by an arrow to chest (c. Early Roman Empire) Saint Athanasia of Aegina (d. 860),  Unknown British Noblewoman: (c. 1500). Friend of Sir Thomas More.  Baroness Virganya of Olsford (c. 1780s England) Unnamed Victorian author.

Olisbeth begins our tale as a 19 year old Junior at  Elysian State University. Olisbeth was a child prodigy long before she came to university. Because studying stops her headaches, Olisbeth keeps her focus on books to the point of neglecting a social life. She is self-taught in Greek and French language. She excels at Chess. Her favorite snack food is the Olive and she hates chocolate. Olisbeth is 5 ft 5, and has blonde hair. She is double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science.

Note: To avoid spoilers, we are only discussing the characters as they are when we first meet them.

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