Olisbeth Mason Chronicles

Character Biography: Marissa Zeuner

Name: Marissa Zeuner

D.O.B.: October, 1067 CE
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Height/Weight: 5 ft 5 136 lbs

Parents: Maur of Normandy (aka Coach Harry Zeuner) and his unnamed Anglo mistress.

Likes: Apollo. War, battle, fighting, pleasing her father.

Dislikes: Athena.

Known Aliases: Cwenhild of Maur, Ruby Rae (1920s-30s), Lieutenant Gwendolyn Martin, USMC Chaplin’s Assistant (1970s), others unknown.

Marissa is a child of Ares, born to his mistress shortly after the Norman Conquest of England in 1067 CE. Raised in a convent run by the then-current incarnations of Athena and Artemis, and took a vow of chastity in their service.
Soon, Cwenhild fell in love with Lord Hunter, incarnation of Apollo. Angered at the betrayal, Athena cursed Cwenhild to eternity bound to Apollo.

In her long life, Marissa has stayed near her father and sought out Apollo. Her father uses her to help establish his own identities (sometimes she’s his daughter, sometimes his sister, sometimes a cousin). She also often acts as a guide for Apollo, reminding him of his identity when she finds him in each new life.

Imagine her surprise when she discovered that Apollo was a woman in this life.

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