Olisbeth Mason Chronicles

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The Sequel to My Lady Olives…. Read more soon!

Ever want to give your headache away to another person?

Olisbeth Mason wished it all the time. She is a socially unaware know-it-all who has had headaches as long as she can remember. Her only comfort from the pain was  in books and studies, and her great memory retention allows Olisbeth to be the smartest person she knows.

Now that she’s off at college, she’s befriended a strange pair of siblings: vivacious and exuberant Phoebe Thomas, and brooding Frat boy Arthur Thomas. These two are strange indeed, and help her learn how to send those nasty headaches to other people.

But all is not what it seems…

The twins are hiding a secret: They are (gender-swapped) Apollo and Artemis, and Olisbeth is Athena. And this incarnation of Athena is at the center of an ancient prophecy that will lead to her doom and cause dramatic changes to the face of Mount Olympus.

Romantic, adventurous, and thought-provoking, My Lady Olives tells the story of the life of a 21st Century Athena.

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