Olisbeth Mason Chronicles

Character Biography: Arthur Thomas

Name: Michael Arthur Thomas, Jr.

D.O.B.: December 24, 1980 Houston, Texas
Hair: Silver and Black (shifts between the two)
Eyes: Sky-blue
Height/Weight: 5 ft 9; 160 lbs (muscle, due to athletic build)

Parents: Vanessa and Michael Thomas

Likes: Girls. Hunting. His SUV His fraternity. Tattoos. Girls. Goth Music. Animals. Bacon. Shiner Bock and Blue Moon. Solitude. Nighttime.

Dislikes: Phoebe. Loose women. Abusive men. Mornings.

Known Aliases: AJ. Artie. Brother Wolf. Arthur ‘Sally/Susan/Victoria/whatever feminine middle name Phoebe comes up with’ Thomas. Diana (d. 305 CE), Saint Ursula (4th or 5th Century CE), Unnamed Incarnation- Killed Athena (c. Early Roman Empire)- heard the prophecy, Unnamed Incarnation: Sister of Lord Hunter, Dina- (c. 1780 England) Younger cousin of Virgayna, Unnamed British Suffragette: (committed suicide 1930).

Arthur Thomas is most know on the track for his archery skills. Arthur would also run in every running event, if his coach would let him. Off the track, Arthur has a reputation for being a heart-breaking lady killer, so much so that his twin sister Phoebe likes to make fun of his numerous conquests. He likes Gothic and Dark Wave music, but also is a prominent member of one of ESU’s Fraternity Houses, Phi Phi Alpha. His favorite past times are bow hunting and photography. He is working on a degree in zoology. Arthur isĀ 5’9, extremely athletic, and is covered in tattoos. Most of the time, he dyes his silver hair black.

Arthur and his sister have a really odd relationship, where they consistently pick on each other and call each other names. That’s not the odd part. What is odd is that Arthur calls his sister “brother” and she calls him “sister” and they also seem to communicate via telepathy.

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