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About the Author

Who is Mandy Oviatt?

So, Mandy... Tell us something about yourself

I am Mandy Oviatt, the oldest child of two very awe-inspiring people.
My mother, who taught me to read, to think, to write and encouraged my education.
Then there’s my father, a Karaoke Jockey who thinks he’s Elvis.

I have a brother, a whole mess of sisters, nephews, a niece, and no kids of my own.

No, wait… I have schnauzers. I have two dire schnauzers named Kanji and Ulmo.

I have been married to a ‘Sith Lord’ named Morgan for many years, and we live in Arizona, a land so Shiny Phoebe would love it!

I am a US Army Veteran, (Signal Corps, Hoo-ah!) as is my beloved husband. No, I did not serve in Afghanistan. I got out 6 months after 9/11. Yes, I am a disabled Veteran.

You're a Veteran? Any Advice for women looking to go into the Military?

Definitely go into the service, and don’t let your gender stop you. Find a job that you really want to do before signing up, because you will be doing something like it for a while.
Don’t let military men (or women) push you around too much, especially in permanent party situations. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself to superior officers if your NCOs are treating you with disrespect, but follow the chain of command.
Respect yourself, especially if you are a single soldier. Life in the military as a single soldier is much like being in college, except your bosses/professors can follow you home and make your life hell if they want to.
Don’t do anything stupid.
And, if you’re gonna date another soldier, don’t date someone in your chain of command/unit.

Do other pantheons exist in your world?

In a short word… Yes.

Who do you Read?

Robert Jordan.
Brandon Sanderson
Karen Miller
Marissa Meyer
Brent Weeks
Erika SzaboEric Johnson

Just to name a few.

Any non-book related hobbies?

I love several television shows, movies, and video game franchises, including but not limited to:

Doctor Who (New and Classic)
Elementary and Sherlock
Star Trek: DS9
Game of Thrones and ASOIAF
The Beatles.
Rock Band (the Video Game Series)
The Fable games
Dragon Age
the Manga of Yuu Watase
Roleplaying Games: (Exalted, Scion, Vampire, Changeling…)

and of course, Star Wars.

Find me Elsewhere!

I would be a negligent blogger if I didn’t at least mention Land of the Nerds. Hi! I’m Mandy Oviatt, the Author, but I’m also Moon Sedai of Land of the Nerds. I have written several series of blogs for that website, including looks at strong female characters, Exploring Doctor Who, discussions of random things that I feel like writing about.
I’m also part of the Land of the Nerds’ latest Video series, “Nerd Beards,” where I have a mini-segment called “Moon Sedai knows Everything.”
Because I usually do.

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